🚀 Accelerate development

Here we are creating Redux boilerplate with createAggregate. Aggregate contains ActionTypes / ActionCreators / ReducerFactory. The first argument is Mutations, a map of mutate functions. The second argument is a unique namespace.With this, ActionType won't conflict.

import { createAggregate } from 'redux-aggregate'
import { Mutations } from 'path/to/model'
const {
  types,         // Generated ActionTypes
  creators,      // Generated ActionCreators
  reducerFactory // Generated ReducerFactory
} = createAggregate(Mutations, 'counter/')

By this alone, completed to define ActionTypes/ActionCreators/ReducerFactory with inferred type.

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🔥 Auto inferred type by TypeScript


By the map of Type inference in conditional types, generated action creator's auto inferred.

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